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Euphoria Movement Arts Studio offers belly dancing lessons and more for Madison, Wisconsin. We’re an intimate and inviting studio on Atwood Avenue (around back of Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace) on Madison’s near east side. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer small class sizes to offer the highest quality of instruction.

Euphoria offers all types of belly dance classes. We have four levels of belly dance technique, from the complete beginner to the advanced dancer – with performance opportunities.

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Tribal Fusion

Tribal Style Improv

American Classic

Fusion Style

Odissi Indian Dance


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About Euphoria

Euphoria Movement Arts specializes in belly dance instruction in addition to other dance and art disciplines.


  • “I absolutely loved my class and can’t wait until next Friday! I look forward to other classes as I learn the basics. Seana’s teaching style is wonderful and I was on a high all day from the class.”

    Jane R.
  • “When I signed up for belly dancing classes at Euphoria, I tasked Seana with one important assignment – “free Ms. Bea”. She has accomplished that mission. During my 20 sessions (two sets of 10 – Beginning Belly dance and Belly Fit classes), I have learned basic dance techniques, learned about counts and timing, learned how to dance in unison with others, learned some great new moves, and perhaps most importantly, I have overcome crippling low self-confidence issues. Thank you so very much for all you have taught me this past winter and spring. I had a great time!”

    Bea B.
  • “Great classes that drill important skills, challenge me to learn new moves, and put together fun choreographies.”

    Erica L.
  • “Seana is a great teacher with patience and heart. I’ve learned more in the past year of classes at Euphoria than I ever have in other classes.”

    Tamara H.
  • “Since I started attending Seana’s classes in 2005 my back, neck and posture are much better and stronger. I always feel great after class and look forward to attending every week – I can even say this so many years later. Seana’s classes are fun and never boring! I am pleased with everything she chooses to teach, from spins to sword dancing to snake arms and shimmies.”

    Michelle B.
  • “I have enjoyed Seana’s teaching since I first met her at the YMCA and was amazed when I learned (at the age of 50-something) that I really could learn to belly-dance. Attending her classes at Euphoria is one of the highlights of my week and I know it really helps to exercise muscles I didn’t even know I had. It feels great! This is a unique addition to my yoga and exercise program, and I feel it helps me stay fit in ways that nothing else touches. It’s also a lot of fun – and beautiful. I’m so grateful to her for providing this unique service and expert instruction.”

    Mary Kay R.
  • “I have taken Belly Dance classes at Euphoria for one year and have been very happy with the experience. Although Seana is an advanced teacher, I have immensely appreciated her ability to teach me very basic principles about dancing. The images she uses to explain have been very helpful to learn how and what muscles and parts of body to use to achieve specific movements. And as isolation is so fundamental in this kind of dance, I have found her technique in teaching it both thourough and patient.

    I am fairly uncoordinated by nature and prior dance experiences have been frustrating. With Seana, I feel like I am finally practicing gracefulness!”

    Stefania S.
  • “I had so many ahh-haa moments in my private lesson at Euphoria–Seana gave me a lot to think about and work on–absolutely loved it!”

    Jane R.

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